• Greg Scarpa
    Greg ScarpaCo-Owner

    At a staggering weight of 324 pounds, I spent a large part of my childhood battling obesity and bad dieting. My adventure into diet and exercise began at 17 and I have since continued to shape it to my life goals. I also have experience with various forms of training from Olympic lifting, powerlifting, to strength training, and various other exercise and training. Working as an assistant to a sports and exercise physiologist also gave me a great understanding of how the body behaves.  After recovering from two shoulder surgeries due to lifting, my sister/co-owner Stephanie, introduced me to Lagree Fitness. After completing my first class I walked away thinking, “This kicked my butt, and in a good way!” The Lagree Method offered me an intense challenge while also helping me to strengthen my shoulders, increase flexibility, and elevate my endurance. I strongly believe that the Lagree Method and the Megaformer offer an exercise and experience you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Stephanie Scarpa
    Stephanie ScarpaCo-Owner

    I was first introduced to Lagree Fitness, while living in San Diego, CA. Being someone who has tried many different types of workouts, I found many of them tedious or disinteresting’; The Lagree Method was neither! I remember the day I walked past the Megaformer, and it made me curious. It was something different. So, I decided to try my first class. I’ll never forget my first workout, my muscles were exhausted, but it felt great! Best of all, it hit every part of my body in under an hour. Since then, I have built up a passion and drive to bring this workout to people of all ages and abilities. Having bad joints, working out on the Megaformer gives me the same intensity as a boot camp class, with the low impact aspect of yoga. It’s everything you would want to accomplish, all wrapped in one! It’s a life changer!

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