EVO Fitness FAQs

EVO Fitness specializes in using the Lagree Method and Sebastien Lagree’s patented, state-of-the-art M3S Megaformer. It is the regime of choice for Hollywood celebrities and several elite athletes.

We are the only fitness studio in Alabama to offer this unique workout. The 50 minute, intese, total-body workout uses slow and controlled movements with constant tension to work your slow twitch muscle fibers to failure. This workout is unlike anything you have ever done and the results are amazing. Not only do you burn an average of 600 calories per class, but the next 20-24 hours, your metabolism is increased and your body can repair muscle tissue.

The workout is designed for all fitness levels. It’s the job of our Lagree certified trainers to make sure that modifications are given, proper positioning is taking place and that you have an intense, challenging workout under low impact for your joints and tissues. With hundreds of moves, and varying levels of resistance options, every class is different, so you’ll never get bored. Additionally, because of the versatility of the exercises and the tension, your body won’t plateau, which often happens with many workout regimens.

Q. How often should I work out to see results?

A. We recommend two to three times a week to begin noticing results and allow your body to properly recover and repair. You can only book one session per day. The key is to listen to your body and find a routine that works for you.

Q. How do I schedule for a class?

A. All scheduling is done through MINDBODY Inc. scheduling. Make sure you get checked in at the front desk when you arrive at the studio!

Q. What do I bring to class?

A. For safety and sanitary reasons, we require everyone to wear non-slip, tread socks during class. They are on sale at EVO Fitness for $14.  In addition, bring a towel, water, and sensible/comfortable workout clothes. Also, don’t wear strong perfumes or smelling products. Some clients are sensitive to smells.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A.. Please look at the Pricing tab for more information on cancellation fees. It is very important to be on time for each session! PLEASE COME 10 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS to make sure you are ready for class!


Q. Are all purchases final?

A. Yes, all purchase items online and in-shop are final.

Q. Can I bring my children to class if they sit quietly while I workout?

A. Due to safety and insurance concerns, we cannot allow children to stay in the studio while class is in session.

Q.How old do I have to be to workout at EVO Fitness?

A. We allow clients 15 years old and up to train at EVO Fitness. Those under 18 need to have a parent or guardian sign the exercise waiver for their first class.

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