“I can’t say enough about EVOFit! I have only been going for a month and I’m already seeing changes. Not only that, the pain in my shoulder and knee is gone! You can’t put a price on feeling and looking better! I’m hooked!”

– Carolyn S.

“I’ve been working out for two months at EVO Fitness in Huntsville for about three times a week and I’m so excited about my thigh and butt reduction!! Whohoo! All that hard work is paying off!! I highly recommend them!”

– Heather B.

“Arm muscles courtesy of EVO Fitness Huntsville! 2 Months of hard work is paying off!”

– Lyndsi C.

“I’ve been coming to EVO since the grand opening in April, but in the past month or so have really dedicated myself to training 4-5 times a week.  I used to sit at work and dread going to the gym, and almost always would talk myself out of going before the day was done.  Now, I can’t wait to get my EVO fix!  I know it’s going to be challenging and I know I’m going to sweat, but I also know I’ll feel fantastic afterwards.  I have definitely noticed a change in my body composition.  Where I used to just see bulk, especially in my upper arms and shoulders, now I see MUSCLE TONE and DEFINITION!  Watching those muscles in the mirror during class only makes me want to go harder and get stronger!  And that attitude has transferred over into my daily routine.  I feel more focused and more motivated in everything I do!”

– Stephany S.

“I have been going to EVO fitness for about 3 months, 3 days a week.  I have always routinely exercised and have tried countless types of exercise but never saw my body change.  I started to see results within the first month at EVO and I was hooked.  The first place I noticed a difference was in my obliques.   I started to see definition right away.  Now my legs feel and look toner, my core is stronger as well as my arms and I have more flexibility.  I love that EVO gives you a total body workout in 50 minutes.  It never gets boring.  Every class is challenging but in a good way.  You can’t believe how hard it can feel in the moment and then you push through the pain and realize you are stronger than you ever thought. I actually look forward to my 5:30am class!  Greg, Hollie and Courtney are amazing instructors and help motivate you to stay with it and to ‘embrace the shake’.  I am thrilled to finally have found an exercise that works and is enjoyable!”

– Kate N.


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